It should have been the best day of young Messenger’s life when Soliloquy, his secret crush, pressed her lips to his for the first time. Instead, after three alien craft suddenly appear in the sky and destroy his family’s Organic Tequila Distillery and Ice Caves farm and home, it turns into a nightmare.


After fleeing for their lives into the ice caves, Messenger discovers that not only have his parents been expecting and preparing for this eventuality, but the invaders are the vanguard of a celestial event that will irrevocably wipe out most life on earth, giving the aliens a clean slate to repopulate the world in their image.


All the aliens have to do is destroy humanity’s ancient protective entity that is buried beneath his family’s farm below the ice caves.


All his family has to do is thwart them.


All he has to do is survive the day.


No problem.

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