In this audacious mix of history and fiction, two people, one pursuing the other, undertake an epic and dangerous journey into an ancient exotic world of betrayal, sacred passion, timeless characters, mysticism, and intriguing plot twists.

Their cinematic and wildly captivating journey of selfless courage is edge-of-your-seat action that will provoke and inspire readers everywhere.


–Readers Favorite Reviews

…a riveting first book in a series.”
Christian Sia

  “…engaging in a hypnotic sort of way…”

Ruffina Osario

“I highly recommend Bloodgood Messiah as a thrilling start to a superb historical adventure series.”

K. C. Finn


A kidnapping, a time traveler, a prophecy unfulfilled, all coalesce to create a mystery unsolved.


When Mary, an ambitious and spirited American archeologist, is sent to investigate a just-discovered underground cemetery in Jerusalem, she makes an astonishing discovery. The bones in one of the burial niches are her own bones; aged and deteriorated over 2,000 years. Before she can recover from the shock, she is abducted by a time-traveling reader of the mysterious and powerful contents of the mythical Ark of the Covenant.


Moon, a Zuni American Indian who is visiting an Iraqi Christian enclave to study Aramaic, is tasked by Mary’s employer with tracking her into 1st-century Jerusalem, where her employer believes she was taken. Risking life and limb to find her in that biblical era and region, he is swept up in the conflicts of locals who battle over control of Herod’s magnificent Jewish temple while struggling to rid themselves of the tyranny of the oppressive Roman occupiers.


Her perilous journey to fulfill Prophecies carries them both to Pontius Pilate’s court. When Moon’s intervention in a savage trial turns deadly, he is sentenced to death as an example to all who might interfere.

To save him, she must betray her holy mission. It is a soul-searching decision that pits her faith in ancient beliefs against the power of 21st-century science and knowledge.


But when the future intercedes, truth blurs, reality becomes illusion.


Bloodgood Messiah is the first novel in the Bloodgood series.



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